Local Statistics

  • Since 2014, we’ve served about 1,470 people at our sites and are growing every day.
  • We exchange about 15,000 syringes each month (as of December 2016).
  • 60.5% of our clients report that prior to coming to us, they did not have consistent access to new syringes.
  • 74.5% of those surveyed locally reported being Hepatitis C positive.
  • 2% of those surveyed locally reported being HIV positive.
  • We regularly distribute naloxone from various sources including Project DAWN (Death Avoided With Narcan). Since August 2016, we’ve given out over 161 naloxone kits, with 76 overdose reversals reported.
  • In 2015, an average of 8 people in Ohio died each day from a drug overdose.
  • At least 32 of our clients have fatally overdosed. Thirty-two people we cared about died.