Second Annual “Their Lives Remembered”: A Memorial Service Sponsored by Cincinnati Exchange Project

Posted By cincyexchange on Nov 27, 2016

When:  December 4, 2016,  7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Where:  Church of Our Savior
65 E. Hollister Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Admission is free and the event is open to the public.

The second annual “Their Lives Remembered” memorial service is for anyone who has felt the pain of loss from addiction. The memorial is held during the holiday season when difficulties and pain are magnified for many people. Although it is held at the Church of Our Savior, the service is non-denominational. A choir will sing and several people will briefly speak at the service. Refreshments will be available afterward for anyone who wants to talk and connect with others.

Their Lives Remembered is a memorial for anyone who has felt the pain of losing a loved one, or lives in fear of losing a loved one, to the disease of addiction. From a drunk driving accident to a loved one spending life in prison, the grief of loss is not confined to physical death. Sometimes loss includes people we had to cut out of our lives or people who cut us out.

Loving an addict and suffering in active addiction is isolating. This memorial is for people to come together and see that they are not alone. It is for people to find solace in the community and gather comfort and strength through sharing their grief and fear. The real hope is that people will come together for a short while and let go of some of the weight of their losses.

Addiction is first and foremost a disease about loss. Addiction is a thief that steals things we can see, things we can’t see and things we can never get back.

Addiction steals our health and the lives we built for ourselves. We lose weight. We lose sleep, clean clothes and fresh skin. We lose video games, bank accounts, tools, anything of value. We lose money, cars, houses, jobs, careers. Things. We can fill an ocean with the things we’ve lost.

Addiction steals our passion for living. We lose ourselves, our dreams, our smiles. We lose control. We lose self-respect and we lose respect from others. We lose laughter, dignity, and hope. Our families lose peace of mind. Contentment is no longer a part of life for anyone who loves us. We lose the strength to look to the future and the ability to face today.

Addiction steals our livelihood. We lose opportunities. We lose time with our family. They lose time with us. We lose freedom, family and friends; sometimes for a little while, sometimes forever. Addiction thrives on loss. Some of us lose our lives to it completely.

Addiction wants to feed on the pain of loss and grow until it engulfs every sufferer in darkness.

Their Lives Remembered is about lighting a candle in that darkness. It’s about shining a light on the pain of our losses and saying, “Yes, we know this pain. But we are celebrating life anyway.” It’s about standing together in our grief and saying:

We lost our health but not our determination to get healthy,
We lost our jobs, our cars, our bank accounts, but not our ability to work hard,
We lost a friend but not our compassion to be a friend,
We lost a loved one but not our courage to love,
We lost ourselves but not our humanity,
We lost our serenity but not our vision to see beyond today’s troubles to a better time that awaits us all.

Please join us on December 4 at the “Their Lives Remembered” Memorial service.