Posted By cincyexchange on Jan 25, 2014

I want you all to know how proud I am of each and every one of you, and how blessed I am to have gotten to know and to serve you.

Each and everyone of you — whether you’re a participant in our program or just an ally — I want you to know, that, though Billy and I won’t be with the program anymore, that we will never stop advocating for your right to a healthier, fuller life (no matter what you choose to do with it).

From the bottom of my heart, if nothing else, I need you to always remember — you matter. (You matter, you matter — don’t ever believe otherwise.)

For anyone that may be new to the program, that has never come to the visit us before — or, to anyone that may be nervous to visit the new Harm Reduction Program — please do not let these changes shake your confidence.

This program change will not be without difficulty, but I want you to know that the City of Cincinnati and the Hamilton County Public Health department care about you — they may suffer a growing pain or two, but I believe in the work they’re trying to do.

In short, do not stop going to the exchange — you’re health and well-being is too important to not to.

Thank you again, everyone.
Stay warm and have a Happy New Year!

Sam A. McCormick


You can check out the new program’s Facebook page @hc.xchange, or give them a call — 513-946-7676. You can also contact the new Harm Reduction Program Manager — Laura McCreadie, laura.mccreadie@hamilton-co.org or 513 946 7847.