Leah Presser is a volunteer content writer and blogger at Cincinnati Exchange Project. She keeps CEP’s website updated with new information and helpful, informative blog posts.

Leah’s goals for her writing include:

Helping CEP’s clients by providing information relevant to their needs
Educating the public on the harm reduction model
Bringing an end to the harmful stigmatization of people who use drugs

When Leah isn’t writing for CEP, she works as a professional copywriter for hire at BigBluePress.com.

She may also be found walking, playing or snuggling with her two sweet and adorable pit bulls, Willie and Sage. Her compassion runs deep for the “pit bull” breeds. They suffer from cruel treatment and vilification in the media, which leads to unmerited discrimination despite mountains of evidence of their truly gentle, loyal and loving natures. They are a misunderstood and underrepresented group, much like people who use drugs.

Fun Fact: Leah knows how to milk a goat. Like, for real. By hand. So, she’s pretty much got a secure fall-back gig if the writing thing doesn’t work out.

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